Saturday, 14 March 2009

Rare and brief update

Neglected for 2 months. Sorry blogger readers (if there are any left), but i've not been doing too great motivationally. Managed to kill the first lot of seedlings (onions, leeks and caulis). But with mum and david off this last week building a greenhouse (plus preparing the ground for it first) and landscaping more of the garden and converting to veggie and fruit patch, more has been done. Mum got the ball rolling by sowing runner and french beans yesterday.

Seeds sown today:

In pots - Aubergine, Cucumbers and Peppers. 4 types of tomato (beefsteak, sungella, sungold and one Nan saved from seed, possibly a plum type), various lettuce (lollo rosso, tom thumb, radichio and rocket). Sugar snap peas.

In the nursery bed (a glass cold frame i got from a freecycler): Leeks, Purple Sprouts, Red and white cabbages, kohl rahbi, caulis, brocollis

Mum put in some spinach outside the front of the greenhouse and continued digging the main veggie patch (removing root from various plants like azalea and hydrangea) and i put in 2 rows of red onion sets.

Tomorrow's jobs include white onion sets, and then sometime i need to get round to doing parsnips and carrots.

I just can't find the motivation on my own. In fact motivation in general even when they're around is a struggle.

i might get round to posting some photos...maybe.....sometime.