Sunday, 3 May 2009

Fighting other battles.

apologies for no updates recently but i have been fighting a rather large battle recently which has kept me rather occupied.

About 4 weeks ago, something came over me, something very strange, amd i started eating things that for the last 3 years have been "forbidden". This in turn has kick started my appetite and now it seems i have unleached a monster! A monster than wants lots of chocolate and cakes and stodge.

Just a quick note to say the garden hasn't been neglected, mum has helped get me motivated to plant things, although when i'm on my own that motivation isn't really there. Maybe i just prefer the company, probably what it is. So here's a quick run down:

Parnsips: not great germination, in fact very poor but my own fault really as i took the risk of last years seed.
Carrots: Purple Haze and Rainbow Mixed which i then mixed together to get a proper rainbow! Great germination, should be good.
Salsify: First time for this, i bought some from Borough Market to try (after sowing the seed...), seems to have germinated reasonably, although looks like grass so must remember that when weeding.
Onions: Red and white sets both doing well. i had a few red left over and lots of white so i filled a couple of trough planters our neighbour gave me.
Tomatoes: All varieties (Beefsteak, Sungold, Sungella, some seed Nan saved and one from an expensive seed grandpa bought by mistake) doing well. About 2 thirds planted out in the greenhouse now, and i have an idea for an spares.
Peppers: first sowing i got 1 out of 4 but that 1 is doing well. so i did another sowing of 3 and 100% germination that time but they are only about a week old.
Aubergine: 4 sown, 100% germination, doing well but not quite big enough to be planted out in the greenhouse yet.
Cucumber: 4 sown, 100% germination, planted out around the mini greenhouse frame (to use as support) which is in one corner of the greenhouse. Nan sent me some yellow round cucumber seed from the eden project, 3 sown yesterday.
Tomatillo: more eden project seeds, 3 sown yesterday.
Sugar Snaps: 1st sowing in a large pot on the patio with a make shift frame for them to grow up. about half a metre high so far. these were started in the greenhouse but have now been evicted by tomatoes! 2nd sowing germinated in the greenhouse but then planted out in the garden about a week ago.
Runner beans: Most seem to germinate upside down but eventually righted themselves. Planted out and starting to climb their poles.
Dwarf beans: Not great germination and mum did a second sowing as well. about 8 plants planted out next to the greenhouse, but i think she plans to sow some more direct.
Lettuce: despite trying to start some in the greenhouse, i'd sown in cardboard plugs, which seem to be crap. so the seed i have sown direct into a herb/strawberry planter is doing better! will so some seed direct into the ground just outside the greenhouse i expect.
Beetroot: tried to start some in those plugs, which are now planted out in the greenhouse, i put some in one of those planters/troughs the neighbour gave me and i've sown one row direct in the fruit cage in the front so far. i hope to do more.
Chard: one row sown in front of the raspberries which has just germinated.

In the Nursery cold frame, almost ready to be planted out are Brussels Sprout, Red and White Cabbage, Kohlrabi, Leeks, Broccoli and Cauliflower.

In the fruit cage doing well and showing their first flowers are Blueberries, Strawberries, Raspberries, Gooseberries

I think thats about it. Theres probably something i've missed. No squash this year tho, just not enough room.....

And next week I'm planting strawberries at the farm, so it will be interesting to see it from a commercial side too.