Friday, 1 August 2008

Evil Vine Weevil (and other pests)

I seem to be battling the pests big time this year. After all our rocket and salad leaves being munched by flea beetle, now the vine weevil invasion has taken over.

But now i've pulled all that up they've moved my cabbages.....

and the dwarf beans.....

and the cauliflower and broccoli........

oh and spot my other big issue in the photo above - a cabbage white egg. I believe a singular egg is laid here and there by the small cabbage white where as the clusters are from the large cabbage white. I got so stressed and cross last weekend that i managed to break our electric tennis bug bat! But no worries we have a new one now!!

It seems no matter how much bug spray i use (even tho you're only supposed to give brassicas one treatment per crop) they just keep laying and hatching. I pick off and quish as many as i can but i'm bound not to be able to reach them all.

The only thing i don't seem to have had major issues with this year have been slugs and snails - maybe our blackbird family have been busy. This is a picture of "Scruffy" the male from the nest in our back hedge.

We're still not sure about his feather loss and scrawny appearance. He seems very healthy and fit otherwise and his mate is pristine. They've both been very welcome lately, eating all the ants in our lawn that surface during the heat.

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