Wednesday, 1 October 2008


A few great harvests over the past week! some giant veg and a couple that were perfect size for a single portion stuffed dinner. First came my first little squash.

I cut out a lid, scooped out the seeds, put the lid back on and roasted til tender and cooked in the oven. I started my risotto just before the squash was cooked, adding the chopped cooked flesh to the risotto with some sage. Served steaming (as you can see!) back in the shell.

Ok, so this photo doesn't show the whole story....a large proportion of the risotto had to be served on the side as it didn't quite fit!

Then came a stuffed tomato (not on the same night!!).

I scooped out the seeds and the core, placed some goats cheese in the bottom then some shredded leeks and then more goats cheese. It didn't need long in the oven an was a little tricky to serve as the tomato kind of collapsed. But it meant the skin came off easily - cooked tomato skin is one of my big pet hates.

On Sunday I suggested to mum that we see how the parsnips were doing and whether they were big enough for eating yet.....
As you can see from D's 1 inch size grid, we need not have worried! we shared the big one between the 3 of us that night and then i had the smaller one roasted like chips with some homemade tomato ketchup from all those tomatoes. The Ketchup was great, although as it reduced even more (it wasn't quite thick enough by dinner time, so i had some and left the rest on a low heat to reduce more) it seems to have become a lot sweeter. So maybe if i do it again i won't add any sweetner until later once the flavour is more concentrated. But from tomatoes, balsamic vinegar, sweetner and seasoning, blended and sieved, it was so simple and tasty! I just have to decide how i'm going to use the rest.

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