Monday, 13 April 2009

Baking Days

I decided to split the update into topics. This post is the recent bread adventures with a few cakes for mum's work for her birthday too.

First attempt at rolls since my baking revival. Made with Malthouse Flour. Soft and fluffy inside.

Supposedly Ciabattas..... but more like a soft white loaf. One with herbs, one plain. Just not flat enough or holey enough to be called a ciabatta.

Wholemeal rolls with a few seeds (a mix from Tesco)

Buckwheat bread - not a success. Ratio of buckwheat was far too high i think which caused it not to rise. It had a very strong (too strong) flavour too. Birds had half of it, and even they at the other scraps put out before they ate that!

My first attempt at choux pastry - a success. But some how i messed up a second batch which didn't rise (not enough egg i think) and that went out to the birds (although i think a neighbours cat ate most of it instead)

So i went back to the exact quantities as the first batch and it turned out fine again. I then attempted to pipe in the cream, and soon gave up and sliced them along one side to open them up.

With melted dark chocolate on top, they were ready to go.

None came back, or were even left at the end of the day. Apparently devoured and enjoyed by all.


Rebecca said...

Lovely to read your updates and see some lovely photos! The baking looked delicious, you are such a dab hand in the kitchen! :o)

Becky xxx

Anonymous said...

Hi Jenny B.

I love reading your blog, I think your baking is amazing, you must go into business. Anyway Jenny I have a wheat and Gluten allergy and have always struggled to make a good gluten free loaf. I would be fascinated to see if you could attempt this and would love any tips. Keep smiling.


Quail said...

Your eclaires look amazing. I have a thing for choux. If I don't make them for awhile my subtle knowledge about choux escapes me.