Wednesday, 9 June 2010

treadmill vs road running

completed a 5k run on the treadmill monday - furthest i've ever run in one go. part of me feel like it was cheating but then i didn't pause at all (as i would to cross roads etc if outdoors). anyway i completed it. Maybe by doing it on the treadmill first proves to me i can do it and then i should go out and do it outdoors.

5km is still only 3.1miles though.

lots of new runners at the gym club last night which i didn't mind because it meant a gentle run and a few extra pauses while the girls caught up. still only about 2.5 miles in total though.

no running today due to number of gym classes and the fact i have no time this afternoon.

and still no decision on the trainers front. although the girl (sports therapist) i did see at a running shop yesterday thought that what i'd been told with regards to my gait was a load of rubbish, so it looks like another treadmill test. I feel i should trust the sports therapist more than the young lad who couldn't get the camera to work (turned out to be a loose connection!).

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