Friday, 15 February 2008

Herts and Essex Observer - Complaints Letter

Last week i wrote a complaint and sent i via email to my local newspaper, and this week as the Ed said in his emai reply he published it this week:

although i disagree with the Ed - i don't think anything justifies showing a picture as close-up and graphic as that! the image was of an injury cause by a football stud to a player's knee during a womans football match. the text with the image described the injury as 7 inches across and needing something like 16 stitches! well on the paper the picture size was 4 inches across and the wound took up the size of the photo.

and it seems i wasn't the only person upset my the picture.

On the plus side though, the editor has agree to do a feature on Self Harm for SIAD (Self Injury Awareness Day) on 1st March. He said he will get one of his team to email me next week sometime. i mentioned my history of self harm in my original email but the Ed checked if i wanted that published and although i don't feel i have to hide it - i mean everyone i know from my past who may read the newspaper probably knows anyway - i decided its wasn't appropriate to include in my published complaint, after all i think the image would affect any ordinary person!

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val said...

so nasty.....I am glad you put your two cents out there. People really DON'T want to 'see' everything...especially where it is not expected......