Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Mission Accomplished! Homemade Coleslaw from the garden (except the mayo)

One of the things i wanted to be able to do this year was to say that i have made my own coleslaw using all 3 ingredients from the garden.
By mid july i could say i had 1 out of 3.
A month later i could say i had 2 out of 3......

And now i can proudly say i have made my coleslaw with the carrot, onion AND cabbage from the garden!

Of course me being me, my colours aren't quite your normal coleslaw colours. I decided to use a red onion to give it a bit of extra colour as my yellow carrot blend in with the white cabbage a bit too much. But the shredded and grated veg, some salt and pepper and a bit of low fat mayo makes one of my favourite cold foods!

I am hoping that i might be able to try it with red cabbage and white onion with the yellow carrots, but i'm not sure if the red cabbages are going to heart up enough before the onions run out!! Only time will tell.

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