Tuesday, 23 September 2008

A quick bit of baking - Apple and Apricot Muffins

Just a quick piccie of some muffins i made quickly one morning before going to D's work. I've been helping out but was told i could only go in if i brought something baked, as they all really enjoyed the cakes i did for D's birthday (the practise runs for the country show). However i was then also told that most of the office were on a fat-free, carb-free, atkins diet of one kind or another! So i hunted down a calorie counted cookbook and found a healthy wholewheat muffin.

I substituted some of the sugar for sweetner, used marg instead of butter to help the healthy theme even more and they worked out at about 140 calories per cake (small muffin/large cupcake). I doubt his office normally eats cakes that healthy!! Given that they are normally shop bought cakes.

Aswell as the wholewheat flour, marg and sweetner/sugar, the recipe included plain flour, bicarb, baking powder, cinnamon and nutmeg, dried apricots and dessert apple and egg. I literally finished baking the second batch left them so they were cool enough to pick up, tried one to make sure they were cooked properly (they were lovely and moist!) and then left the house, so as i was driving the car filled with the scent of spiced muffins.

They were very well recieved and i think even more so because they were still warm

I think the recipe was from the book Hamlyn All Colour: Healthy. i know it was Hamlyn and as it was a healthy recipe i think it was that one, the cover looks the same! but i've taken it back to the library. There's a beetroot cake recipe i jotted down from it too that i hope to try soon.

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