Sunday, 27 January 2008

The Big Bedroom Tidy

Well it had got to the stage again where i couldn't see what little of the floor isn't taken up by my double bed, couldn't see the half of my double bed that i don't sleep in and couldn't see any of the work surface on my bookshelf/cupboard.

this is what it looked like when it was first built year ago, all neat and tidy.
that was before i started swapping and getting into arts and crafts, like painting, cross stitch, crochet and my latest venture, bottlecaps.
So as you have seen previously by little black magnetic canvas was getting rather crowed and i spotted someone offering a magnetic white board on freecycle. so i now have a large white board for them all - no good for photographic presentation but it means i can organise them into the different categories.
also on my tidy up i had a thought about the poncho i made a couple of years back. i've always planned to sell it but just haven't know where to try until now. so i'm going to add that to my Dawanda shop, but i need to get some nicer photos first. this one really won't help sell it!on cleaning out and tidying up i ventured into the bottom of my wardrobe, only to find despite david's efforts to insulate my wardrobe - which goes straight to the outer wall - my boots have gone mouldy from the damp once again! Eugh!! hopefully it will brush off now they have dried out again.....
thanks to my new shoes, i now have storage for all my received swaps - problem is the box is full already!!
i came across 2 DVDs which star yours truly. One was a copy if the One Show that the beeb sent to me:

and the other is the local film that stars me as a paramedic.... look like thats as close as i'm going to get to that career these days.

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