Tuesday, 1 January 2008

My New Shop at DaWanda

After finding that you need a credit card to be able to sell at Etsy a fellow swapper on the forums at Swap-bot directed me to DaWanda a similar place where you can set up a shop and sell your handmade items and crafts.

I bought some magnetic/chalkboard paint a couple of weeks back and have painted a canvas with it. My idea was that if i ever managed to find a craft show or event to sell at, i could take that along and display my magnets on it but also write the price etc on the canvas in chalk. I thought it would look quite effective. I used the canvas today as a background when i was photographing the magnets for my DaWanda shop. I think it needs a couple more coats as the strength of magnatism between the 2 wasn't great. i know its not my magnets as they stuck fine on our fridge for the very first photos i did.

I pinned the brooches to a cushion to photograph them.

anyway, i've run out of time to blog now - the oven timer has sounded! so you can see (and buy!!) my magnets and brooches here!

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