Thursday, 17 January 2008

Shoe Love

something very strange happened today while i was in town. i've been looking for a pair of comfy shows that can be worn with tracky bottoms but also smarter clothes with little success. so mum suggested i look in Pearsons, which is where i stopped off today. i found their shoe section; Jane Shilton. not cheap but not too bad in the sale section. i found one nice comfy pair size 5 but they were huge! it seems Jane Shilton shoes come up quite big. so i move found to the size 4 section - still too big. round to size 3 - and then i spotted them......

not what i had gone in looking for but it a style i have fallen in love with recently, and i wasn't expecting them to fit being a size three but i thought i'd try my luck. mum has a pair in this style (something else coming round in the fashion circle again!) i couldn't believe it!! something i like actually fitted me! so i asked to try the other one on.

all of a sudden i changed into this girly girly. i often watch programmes on TV about girls who have lots of shoes and go mad over a pair of shoes - i was shocked to find i had become that woman! i put both on, walked up and down a few times - i felt like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz with her new ruby slippers - except mine aren't ruby!

normally when i go shopping for shoes or clothes i find so little that i like or that fits. but these set something off inside of me. all of a sudden i felt alive like something was tickling me inside.

so here they are. my victorian style lace-up boots/shoes:

please ignore the socks -the photos were taken quickly for mum's benefit. not bad for £30 especially as they were originally £80!! guess this means i can't live in tracky bottoms anymore as they don't look quite right for some bizaare reason (!)

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