Saturday, 26 January 2008

If Money were no object....

When i was in town Thursday i spotted this in a shop window:

(click on the photo for more info)

I knew instantly it was a recycled object, so decided to pop into the shop and have a look, with the thought of my bottlecaps in mind too. I had a nice chat with the lady, who said she was just getting back up and running after a family bereveavement over Christmas. She said this shop was a bit of a test to see if the town was ready to become more green in their purchases. She said it wasn't - basically people want to think they are but don't want to pay the prices for handcrafted objects. Well i have to say i certainly couldn't afford the prices but the with the comission she charges to sell things on your behalf no wonder the prices are so high! she takes 30% comission! really not worth it for me if i want to sell my items at a reasonable price.

Mum still think things like my magnets are over priced but then these days you will be pushed to find one for under a pound i expect so i don't think for a hand crafted item that £1.50 is too much, especially as i have to cover my costs and fees, so i probably only get £1 at the end of the day anyway! but 30% certainly wouldn't leave me with anything!

anyway here's a few other favourites from the online shop:

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