Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Recycled bags to use at the farmers market

I was thinking about bags for when i go to the farmers market. now i know i never accept a new bag but little items like my magnets and brooches could easily get lost and i don't think people would really want to put them with food from the market in their bags either.

so i did a quick websearch and thought about all the envelopes mum brings home from work for the food waste bin. i found a template for gift bags made from envelopes!! perfect!!

This has really made my day, because they have worked perfectly. the brown bag in from an A4 envelope and the white from an A5.
however the clear window gets in the way with the smaller one, and also the paper is thicker with the brown one.

so with a bit of double sided tape, i have my bags!!!


Jules said...

Wow, I love those little bags - how ingenious :)

Jenny said...

Thank you, i've booked my table at the farmers market on the 16th so lets just hope i sell things so i can use them!!