Monday, 23 June 2008

A Few First Harvests

Things are starting to grow and ripen now, other than just leaves (salad, chard and kale). The berries are ripening one at a time which although won't give me anywhere near enough for a pudding/meal (i can pop down to Cammas Hall for that!) i don't mind because they're mine, my work, i'm proud of them and that makes them taste even better! plus it's fun to just pick at them when you're passing if their ripe!
The strawberries on the patio are starting to ripen, but it wasn't anywhere near as sweet as the little ones from the basket out the front.
Just goes to show size isn't everything! And the yesterday morning i spotted one lone ripe raspberry. This was so so sweet, far sweeter than those we picked at Cammas Hall last week, and i can't wait for the rest to ripen.
And i left mum and D to enjoy the first french beans for dinner as they're not my fav veg in the world.

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