Monday, 2 June 2008

Monday Photos #10

Back after a weeks break, the garden is thriving after a lot of rain but still some warmer temperatures. I don't mind the lack of sun right now, as there are not too many things that need ripening - only a few strawberries, raspberries and blueberries. I thought i'd try a different layout for this week. See if this looks any better and easier to read.

The Onions, Carrots, Kale, Spinach, Runner Beans and the Salad in this patch are growing well. I am still a little concerned with the germination of the first lots of parnsips, however i do have a few in loo rolls to fill the gaps. However i think that may be mainly my fault for not sowing enough in the first place. The parsnips underneath the bean run are looking a lot more promising, well, from what i can make out amongst the weeds - thats the smal problem with having them there - i can't get in there to weed! You might spot the addition of a hanging basket too! The cherry tomatoes needed to be put in the baskets as they were getting a little too big and they were starting to get flowers too.

I'm going to enter this photo in the latest Forum competition. The theme this round is simply "veg plot". i'm going to call it Close Quarters Gardening, where everyone has to get on. If only the world could be like that..... Anyway starting from the left are the french beans, then the brassicas and cabbages which all appear to be doing well. the smaller ones to the left are the ones planted out last, but hopefully with time they will grow stronger. The squash are all happily caged in and just need to get on and grow now. In front of them are the bean from the USA with the other 2 hanging baskets on the tree. And finally the salad round the front of that is growing so fast some of it has started going to seed! I'm going to look like a rabbit soon!!

On the patio, the sugar snap peas are blooming and the radishes in the middle are doing ok.

Its slightly chaotic on there right now as we have had a big move around in the greenhouses, as you will see later on. The trays in front of the sugar snaps are lettuce to use up and then throw away and also the parnsips to plant out. All the herbs are looking healthy, although there is a bird who has decided to dig in the latest ones that mum has sown, so i think there will be a few less of them! Apparently nan is bringing up some basil when they come up in a couple of weeks as she went a little mad with the sowing of the seeds! must be in the genes!

I'm not sure about this pot of radishes, they still seem a bit leggy. Just have to wait and see i guess.

The strawberry planted on the patio has fruit starting to form and plenty of other flowers.

These are the tomato plants that we didn't get round to planting out/up yesterday, sheltering amongst the patio jungle for now.

The three tier basket out the front still seems happy, although i might have to get a step ladder to have a look and see what the top layer is doing - or.... i could lean out my bedroom window and have a look!

The Raspberries are looking good. I might still have to devise some kind of cage/net tho to protect them from the birds, as the sparrows like to play in the bush next to them.

Exciting news from the courgettes - we have our first! All i need to do now is keep it off the ground, as last year the got damp and went mouldy and also keep those slugs and snails away!

These are 3 normal tomatoes with space in front to either put the onions i grew from seed or maybe some more beetroot.

Behind the beetroot is the mixed chard and then behind the chard are 3 beefsteak tomatoes. I will still have one spare tomato plant are i've planted up the other 2 grow bags and i think it might end up on the wall to the left of this photo.

The first lot of fennel is looking great, i'm so pleased, despite the mouldy slug pellets! but the germination of the second lot doesn't seems to good - only 3 at the right end, despite sowing 5 lots with 2 seeds in each. it may have been too damp in the bottom of the greenhouse. however they are now in the coldframe, so i will give them a week there before sowing some more.

There is only one shelf in the greenhouse now, the top shelf, which is home to the onions and a tray of Lollo Rosso which i put in last week, as although we have lots of oriental salad, we don't have any plain - i'm tempted to sow some tom thumb lettuce too. i think these might have to go in pots on the patio eventually!

This is why there are no longer shelves in the greenhouse - 3 beefsteak tomatoes!!

The Kale out the front is smaller than that out the back but still growing well nevertheless.

The Blueberries look like there are more than last year which is nice to see and this is still only it's second year!

My second sowing of beetroot has germinated well, so i'll give this a few weeks and then sow some more!!

Wow - i finally seemed to have got to the end! I think a big reason for the amount of photos is the fact that things are so spread out and its a case of grabbing space where ever i can. Mum says the garden seems to be getting smaller as things are growing - she says it as if its a bad thing and i know i've taken over, but when we start to harvest things i know she won't be complaining!


Everyday Moments said...

Wow, you have my dreamn garden. I'm going to check back often for inspiration. It's the perfect size, not to big to be unmanageable yet big enough to be productive. I may start my herb garden this year after all!

Jenny said...

Thanks for reading and looking! Its is a lovely garden. The problem is every year i want to grow more, there are so many varieties i'd like to grow as well as all the different produce. i hope i can provide some inspiration. it's a great hobby with wonderful results.