Monday, 16 June 2008

Rhubarb Crumble Squares with Orange Zest

Mum wanted to take some kind of dessert with us to the party on Saturday night, so i offfered to make something. After finding a selection of recipes which used ingredients that we already had, she selected this one. The recipe is from Waitrose and was perfectly simple to follow, although i think my tin was a slightly different size to the one they mentioned.The one i used was square and when i finally cut the squares, i cut more smaller portions than they suggested too.

But they went down well at home and at the party, although without completely killing off our rhubarb patch i couldn't put in the full amount of rhubarb in the recipe, so personally i don't think the flavour was strong enough - i think i should a cut back on some of the orange zest. But they were moist and cakey and sweet with a crunch from the oats on the topping. Mum liked them so much that not all of them made it to the party - the ones she kept were eaten last night with custard!

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