Monday, 16 June 2008

Monday photos #13 - a brief update

Only a brief update today. I'm so behind on all the things i'd planned to blog about, plus i'm still shattered after a busy weekend so please excuse the lack of description in this update.
mini green house with tomatoes and onions and strawberry hanging basket.
One of the first fennel looked to have died, i thought maybe the heavy rain had battered it a couple of weeks back but on closer inspection this morning little maggots were the problem. So i removed them and hopefully all the soil containing any more bugs and have resown. While i was at it i put some more seeds in where those others didn't germinate. I am presuming some kind of root fly so have place a things of onions to maybe discourage bugs but if it's cabbage root fly then my efforts are pointless.
4 tomatoes, chard (which needs thinning - salad leaves for me then!) and beetroot
3 tomatoes and courgettes (plenty of flowers on both plants)
Kale, Beetroot and Blueberries
Sugar snaps, 3 tomatoes, strawberries, radishes and an abundance of herbs.
The rhubarb patch is looking a little sparse after some baking i did last week (hopefully blog that in a sec)
last 3 tomatoes by the back door
Parsnips, onions, carrots (need thinning), Kale (hopefully further blog post about that), runner beans, salad leaves (still going to seed), hanging cherry toms - and where mum thought she'd sown spinach, it seems it's rocket!!! which has also gone to seed so is being eaten as much as possible.
French beans (won't be long til harvest time), salad leaves (gone to seed - grrrr), cabbages, brocs and caulis, squash (starting to get bigger), more french beans and cherry tomatoes.
But there's excitment for me in this area at the moment because........................

We have Broccolis!!!!

So that made my day when i spotted them at the end of an exhausting day yesterday.

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