Thursday, 12 June 2008

Last year's apprentice winner

It was mentioned last night that the winner of series 3 (the previous series) of the BBC programme, The Apprentice is currently working on a project near Stansted Airport.  Mum thought that it might be at CPL Aromas that was featured in the task of the final as that is just down the road from us and near the Airport, so i did a quick google search.  Lots of results simply stating what we heard last night, "a Hotel and Golf course near Stansted Airport"  but then i came across Sir Alan Sugar website for his property developing company, Amsprop. It seems he has bought some farm land on a route that i take almost every week.


Land at Takeley, Essex - Full Details



  The road layout there had been revamped over a year ago but nothing more has been done since.  Our assumption was simply more houses,  as there have been hundreds of houses built as an extension to the east of  Takeley.  But thats clearly not the case.  Not sure how happy the residents of the caravan/mobile home park opposite the site will be - or in fact the owners of the B & B on the edge of the land!

The other thing i found out was that the runner-up was going to be offered a job for Essex County Council.  Somehow i don't think the runner-up, which turned out to be Claire, would see that as much of a consolation prize compared to working for Sir Alan!

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