Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Monday photos #12

My first ripe strawberry! it may be small but its the taste that counts! I'd better get in quick tho before any little birdies take a fancy.

Fennel looking good although i will sow some more when those in the 2nd trough didn't germinate.

4 tomato plants, chard (which i thinned for salad leaves last night) and beetroot. The weeds are not there now either!

Kale in the front not quite big enough for picking yet, beetroot next to that in front of the blueberries. nothing in front of the grow bag with tomatoes yet but i still would like more beetroot and i still have onions in the greenhouse. courgettes have lots of flowers forming although mum's worried there are more male flowers than female and the raspberries are hiding round the back.

The 2nd sowing of beetroot.

Another few weeks before this little one will be ready for harvesting....

Lots of raspberries forming.

Tomatoes haven't reached the height of the shelf yet so the onions can build up their strength in the trays for a while yet.

Parsnips under the bean run are looking reasonable. not as good as last year but i don't think i've sown as many. At least you can see them now the weeds have gone! sometimes being small has its benefits although it was still a struggle to get in there, especially with the fear of 8 legged creatures from the shed!

We put one of the grow bags on the edge of the patio so the canes could go into the edge of the grass. Sugar snaps are growing strong. can't wait for them!

There don't seem as many strawberries on here as last year but maybe they will appear in time.

The leggy radishes are starting to form - funny shapes tho!

After a lot of trial and error the wormery is now positioned up by the compost heaps, standing in pots of water after putting vaseline round the legs failed to stop ants setting up camp in there. i think we have finally got rid of them and after putting lots of paper and card shreddings in to dry it out, the worms seem happier and don't seem to want to escape as much.

This is the growbag next to the back door by the rhubarb. With my interestingly constructed support frame. it's also attached to the fence higher up.

The back bed is looking healthy, although the salad is going to seed as much as i keep trying to cut it back. and the hanging baskets are reinstated after almost being destroyed by 2 squirrels who decided to go digging!

I'm pleased with the cabbages, brocs and caulis so far. i hope they heart up!

First french beans forming.

and a busy but productive looking patch by the shed!

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