Saturday, 31 May 2008

"Norris has not another word to say"

I got this idea from Lindsey at Cuteable. Like me (and the rest of the internet world), Lindsey gets her fair share of spam. Where as Lindsey find great hand made crafts that fit with the title of her spam i thought i would use the titles as a starting point for just some musings and thoughts with maybe a few pictures thrown in along the way.

Almost all of the spam i get goes straight to my junk mail folder theses days but there's always the odd one that goes to junk that shouldn't so i don't delete them straight away with out quick check. The ones i seem to get a lot of are those selling me cheap Canadian medication and drugs.


Of course with a spell checker like that i wouldn't trust them would you?!

But this morning i had one of those ones with a completely random title - and now i look at it, there's not even some dodgy link at the bottom and to be honest the text isn't even as irrepeatable as they normally are. So i'm kind of confused my this one.

"This is not quite so. But why do you ask these questions

I could not sleep.

The windows of the room in which she was lying looked westward.She lay on the sofa with her face to the wall, fingering the buttonsof the leather cushion and seeing nothing but that cushion, and herconfused thoughts were centered on one subjectthe irrevocabilityof death and her own spiritual baseness, which she had notsuspected, but which had shown itself during her fathers illness. Shewished to pray but did not dare to, dared not in her present stateof mind address herself to God. She lay for a long time in thatposition."

I didn't actually look at the main text at first, because i am so used to them being so dirty and smutty and down right pornographic. However the main body of text still doesn't give my mind much to think on or inspire, but then maybe thats because the third sentence is more previlent for me right now "I could not sleep" I've already been out in the garden this morning and thinned the carrots out some moreand drowned few slugs and snails in my beer traps. For 6.15am it was suprisingly not too cold, but i decided that i really had no need to be awake at that time on a weekend, mum and D won't be up til at least 8/8.30am, so i came back inside. Now at 7am though i feel it is time to put the kettle on. and on that note, i have "not another word to say" for the moment.

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