Thursday, 29 May 2008

No photos....sorry

Just a little note to mention the lack of photos this week. 2 reasons for this really - firstly it rained all day sunday and monday, and then by tuesday i was stuck by illness and have been pretty shattered since then. Don't think i'll make it to town today, certainly won't be driving there! And with the buses running once an hour through the village it means i would be able to just leave town when i wanted if i started feeling too rough.

Hopefully i'll make it to the post office in the village, i managed the 20 minute round trip yesterday but Tuesday i made it the 10 minutes down the road but then had to get a lift back after my legs decided they didn't want to walk any further, however after 2 days of rest and lots of fluids my legs seem to want to get me places again. It's given me a good chance to get lots of cross stitch done, ready for the Craft fair in a couple of weeks.

I need to get all my energy and strength back though, with a 20 hour day planned/booked next week, then the 2 day craft fair (and the possibility of joining mum and D at a party on the saturday evening), the my grandparents staying for 2 days (starting to regret that suggestion now the way i feel) and then a week away on a canal boat.......

So i think another few days sitting on my backside doing cross stitch may not be a bad thing. I've finished 3 cards so far. i will take photos of them before the fair, but just because i hate plain text here's a photo of one of my other cards that i will be exhibiting and selling.

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