Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Monday Photos #9

Squash plants are planted out - which variety is which i have no clue now!!! never mind, they all want the same conditions/treatment.
Sugar snaps are growing well along with the radishes in the middle.
I need to start to tie up the sugar snaps before they do snap!
Rhubarb is doing well. I had the first harvest, lunch time yesterday following an intersting discussion on vegetarian savoury recipes with rhubarb here.
This is my other pot of radishes.
Onions, Carrots are doing well. I started to thin the carrots out but i need to do a lot more of that! The first sowing of parsnips seems very poor, but i have a few in the toilet rolls in the cold frame that i can plant out at least. Hopefully the second sowing of parsnips will be more successful. My problem with them is getting under the bean frame to weed - next to impossible! The runner beans are looking good and the kale is coming on. i have started thinning the spinach by using them for salad leaves. And the oriental salad mix is growing faster than we can eat it!
More oriental salad mix! and the french beans which are looking a tad yellow, but seem to be surviving and growing still.
Even more oriental salad mix - now i know why grandpa sent it home with us!!! and then my brassicas and cabbages. I've lost about 3/4 so far, but i haven't finished planting them all out and luckily i have enough to fill in the gaps where i've lost them. They have been collared, limed and bug sprayed, so fingers crossed.

My first strawberries are forming - this one is one of the plants i got from Lidls and is in my 3 tier basket.
Beefsteak toms will need to go into grow bags soon, i plan to buy them tomorrow and use the bottomless pot method. Also in the cold frame are the american dwarf beans, parnsips in loo rolls, spare red cabbages and 6 of my onions from seed (still not sure where they are going to go!)
chard and beetroot is coming along, albeit slowly.
Red Curly Kale.
Courgette plants seem happy now they are planted out.

Bottom shelf of the greenhouse is home to more spare salad and the not so happy looking brassicas. hopefully i'll get them planted out today.
3rd shelf has more onions, curly kale and salad leaves (i promise you thats the last of the salad leaves!!)
The 2nd shelf has the fennel hiding at the back behind.......
the normal tomato plants which also aren't far off the growbag stage.
And finally on the top shelf mum and i planted out the tumbing toms at the weekend. They aren't out hanging yet as it has been a tad chilly over the last few days but if they had been left much longer we would have had even more trouble than we did getting them in the baskets!

So thats the week's round up. Things seem to have stopped growing to my eyes, or at least slowed down. maybe its because the temperature has dropped - forecast to go up over the next few days. i hope the forecast is right!


britnlind said...

Your garden is lovely. I am 'green' with envy. (showing swap love ;))

Jenny said...

thank you. anyone can have a garden even if its a patio pot or balcony pot garden with herbs and tomatoes!