Sunday, 11 May 2008

A sad day..........

Today was a productive but rather sad day. Lots of gardening and tidying was done but a neighbour's cat died in the road at the of our drive. Our next door neighbour was about to take her dog for a walk when we heard her cry out. Although we were in the front garden the car was blocking the view and we were by the house not the road.

It seemed to have just died. we don't know the people we thought were the owners personally, they live a few houses away but our next door neighbour knew someone who did know them. so phone calls were made to get in touch with them as they were out.

I picked him up out the road and we put him in a box, but it looked so wrong so i got an old hand towel to put under his head and found an old blue flowery napkin to lay over him. i closed his eyes, he looked so much more peaceful like that. So much more personal than a tatty old Screwfix box! And i could tell the owner really appreciated it when he came round and sadly confirmed it was their cat an hour or so later when they got back.

His name was Oxo and he was 9. The children had named him and had grown up with him (there used to be a companion named "marmite" too). He had been acting strange. He had caught 3 rats in the last week which was apparently unusual and was then off his food. so weather the rats he caught had eaten poison bait, who knows. but aged 9 is certainly not an age to go for an otherwise healthy cat.

So RIP Oxo, i hope you have met up with Marmite again now maybe.

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