Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Freecycled Wormery - A Mega Saving!

I spotted this on freecycle a couple of weeks back. The excitment i felt was possibly a bit on the sad side but then when you see how much the brand new ones cost i think it's justified! Admittedly they come with the worms and bedding etc. But even in a specific wormery online store the rescue pack/value pack which contains everything i don't have and need costs £30, whereas when you buy a full kit with the plastic wormery case its self retails for at least £90.

i mean a spare leg costs a fiver for goodness sakes - and there are 5 of those!!

i was looking for ways to bring the costs of the remaining items i need down, but i think i need to realise i can afford £30 and i've saved double that already really. So here it is all cleaned up and assembled, waiting for me to buy some worms.

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