Friday, 2 May 2008

My Favourite Colour ATC Magnets - recieved

After a particularly bad morning, i arrived home to find not only the 2nd lot of blue ATCs but a small jiffy bag too, on the door step. The customs sticker on the front said it contained 4 magnets, which confused me slightly, in fact almost worried me, as the envelope rattled when i picked it up.

So i opened it up to find a lovely package:

The first thing i went to check was how many ATC magnets i was supposed to have made as i had only sent 3! but on logging onto swapbot i found that the swap description did say 3 ATC magnets. She made them using air dry clay, and i have to say they made me feel that my attempts that i sent were pants! but i know that everyone's artist/crafty talent is different.

The reason the envelope rattled was due to the 2 extras my partner had included.

2 packets of seeds! One of green beans which i though mum might enjoy as the beans seem to be her thing (despite her saying the veggie gardening is my domain) and also chilli peppers - which is i sow now but keep inside in the heat of the porch might grow and even ripen too! i doubt they would go red and ripen if they are outdoors even in the warmest of spots, as i found that problem with the sweet peppers. Something else thats new to try!

It certainly brightened my day.

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