Friday, 16 May 2008

We have Worms!!

After Wiggly Wormers finally sent us a bedding block 2 days after sending the initial order (it seems "Ann" didn't pack our order correctly!), we were finally able to get our wormery started.
First of all the bedding block was soaked in water to make it swell and break up. This was put in the bottom layer on top of a layer of cardboard.
The worms were then emptied onto the bedding block and spread over the layer.
They were then left with the lid off for a while, as worms are light sensitive and this encourages them to burrow down.
The instruction booklet said to leave the lid off for a couple of hours (we did put a mesh over the top just in case the birds were feeling peckish!) but within 1/2 an hour they had all burrowed down!

From reading on the message forums it seems it will be 6 months or so before we get any results - worm wee etc, so it's just a case of feeding them, keeping them happy and waiting now. They even have a shower cap on so the rain doesn't get in and drown them!

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