Friday, 23 May 2008

A mention by "How can i recycle this?" blog

Among  the many blogs i subscribe to via RSS is a blog called "How can i recycle this?".  having recently changed me bicycle saddled,  and having seen inspiring things like a hanging basket out of an old deep fat frier basket, i decided to email them and ask if they would feature a bicycle saddle as an item.  The lovely Louisa has posted the question today and has given a link to  both my blogs as well!

The blog features/ask questions and then invites readers to post comment suggesting ideas on how to reuse or recycle items.

Have a look through the archives when you get a moment - there are some great idea given by other readers.

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Shannon said...

I am a reuser. I make wax melts and I burn them than I remelt them and make more. I reuse pill bottles, old crayons, sheets, whatever I can get my hands on. What a great link ! Thanks for sharing.
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