Friday, 4 April 2008

25 Questions penpal swap

Haven't really been doing many swaps recently, maybe because i'm not feeling very craft inspired right now.  however, this swap is a letter/penpal swap which is always great fun and a wonderful way to contact people all over the world.  The person i'm sending to is in Maryland, USA and these are the questions i'm asking her:




I'm due to receive from a lady in the USA who reckons she might be the oldest swapbot member!  To be honest i can't wait to get my question because i still feel at least twice my age in my brain so kind of prefer to have a partner who isn't a young fashion and music loving energetic 20 something  - basically everything i should be but am not!

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Sarah C said...

You are what you feel and should not need to feel like you should be something you are not.
At times I feel old and boring at other times I can not believe I have an 8 year old daughter - It amazes me that I am a mother. Sometimes it only feels like yesterday when I was 20. I was not a young fashion and music loving 20yr old.
I love your 25 questions they are great.
SarahC -swap-bot