Sunday, 6 April 2008

It's Snow Joke!

Not i'm not kidding - it is the 6th April and it is snowing once again! i thought snow at Easter was bad - but then Easter was early this year. I thought all this global warming was supposed to be heating things up not causing unusual snow!

This was the picture at 7am (yes even on the weekend i still wake up at 7am, i don't do lie in's):


But it's being coming down solidly since then and its now almost 8am. I'll take another picture when i go downstairs for a cup of tea. It seems the snow might scar the birds and us gardeners away - don't think i'll be getting out there today! - but it doesn't deter some creatures....


The Squirrel was there for his/her breakfast as usual. Probably creating more holes in our bird feeders, but he/she is welcome in our garden.

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