Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Monday Photos #6

It's been all go in the garden and so much has changed and so much has grown hence a lot more photos:Apricot Tree i grew from an apricot stone, now planted in the ground.

3 tier hanging basket with 12 strawberry plants - still on the wall!
sugarsnap peas on the patio
The back bed 10 days ago
The back bed now, neatly organised with french beans behind a row of oriental salad mix which are under the plastic bottle cloches.
side bed: under the net are red and white onion sets interplanted with carrots and parsnips. to the right of the bean canes is another row of parsnips. mum put 3 runner beans to each cane which will be thinner to 2. in front of the bean run at the top end are some red curly kale and then the bottom half there is spinach sown now. nothing left to be done to that bed now apart from wait, watch and pray.

in the front i've sown a row of chard and a row of beetroot in the smallest bed.

brocolis and cauliflowers doing well and one of the courgettes courgettes and squash need bigger homes too...
white cabbages are one of the 2 things left to be pricked out on the top shelp in the back left corner are red cabbages, front left are oriental salad leaves. the middle row at the back are more red cabbages and the front is more oriental lettuces. the right row at the back are the onions from seed, in the middle are parsnips in toilet rolls and at the front is the rest of the Kale.
Tomatoes could really do with their own pots now, but still looking healthy.
I have 4 fennel that have germinated so far now too, hard to spot with the grass cuttings in there too!
Sadly i didn't spot the germination soon enough and where they were hidden at the back they have gone a tad leggy.....

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