Monday, 28 April 2008

Sunburn - i just don't learn!

I burn really easily i know that. so why don't i put sun tan lotion on when its sunny? 3 weeks or what ever it is after we had snow you just don't expect to get sun burnt. but i did. we were out in the garden saturday pretty much all day. in the morning i scarified the back lawn twice, then cut it, then scarified it again. Then i scarified the front lawn twice but left D to cut the front lawn whilst i watered my veggies and picked out the red cabbages and potted them up.
But by then the sun burn damage was already done!

On friday i planted the onion sets, carrots and parsnips, and then on sunday i planted another row of parsnips, the first lot of beetroot, a row of chard, the sugarsnap peas whilst mum leveled out the back bed, planted some runner beans, planted up the french bean plants and some of the lettuce grandpa gave us using my plastic bottle cloches to give them a little protection for a few days. i also finish doing the recycled brick border on the bigger back bed. Oh and mum and i planted up some of the Kale and sowed some spinach in front of the runners. Was that all? ummmm - no wait, on saturday mum and i planted up the 3 tied hanging basket with the strawberry plants, it's still on the wall so far - the bracket seems to be holding its weight!

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