Thursday, 17 April 2008

Sewing - practice needed maybe?

I bought some curtain offcuts for £1 each with a couple of things in mind to make. The first was a cushion so i can display my bottlecaps when i finally get round to taken them to Daisy M, the gift shop in the village, to sell there. I've made a cushion before - a fews years ago - but i knew the theory of how i was going to make it.

By pure chance someone was offering a cushion stuffing/filling on freecycle and when i collected it - it was amazingly almost a perfect size. It went inside my cover with a bit of encourgement. But i did struggle big time with getting the machine set up and working in the first place, however it seems that this was due to the cheap cotton i was trying to use, and since then i've managed get it working on my own on more than one occassion. So here is my cushion:

Perfect for what i had in mind for the keyrings and brooches!

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