Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Great Green Giveaway

I have various "Green" Feeds in my RSS Feed and new updates come up in my Windows Live Mail. I can't actually remember which specific feed it was but one of the had a great link to this Great Green Giveaway.

Not only is it a fab competition but a great way to find and link to many other Green Sites and Shops. The competition is being hosted on Life Goggles. In fact there are 56 (but this may change it seems) competitions however some are only available to the USA and some only to the UK but there are international ones too. Prizes include a variety of green items, including clothing, homewares and cosmetic type stuff.

Also on Life Goggles there are interviews, fun stuff, articles, product reviews and a Green wall of shame for those places and products who aren't so green!!

They also have a free ebook on 100 ways to save the planet - so stop by have have a look! just think of the paper you're saving by reading an ebook!

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Sara's Texture Crafts said...

Hey, Jenny... Just popping into say 'Hi' - Haven't spoken to you in a while... wonderd what you were up to?