Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Monday Pictures #4

All doing well - only 4 non germinations which were 2 NZ Squash, 1 butternut and one courgette.

Tomatoes: all 3 varieties doing well.

L-R: Onions (i know i should have sown them months ago, but practise makes perfect!), Kale and then cabbages.

I've pricked out and repotted the brocollis and cauliflowers - 21 here and .....

another 14 here.....along with courgette and squash.

French Beans doing well.

and behing the hosta and other plant which i can't remember the name of right now, i've sown some fennel - the veg not the herb.

I was thinking i might sow some sugar snaps today in the black pot with the cane wigwam like last year, might put a few more in than last year too. Also a pot of radishes which worked well last year.

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