Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Belgique - lunch in epping

Now that mum's office has moved dow the other end of the high street, it's too far to walk to get to Euro Cafe where we used to meet for lunch. the nearest nice place to eat is Belgique - other than that its Poppy's which is more like the cafe in Eastenders! Greasy, fatty, burgers, fry-ups etc.

i was really worried that i wouldn't find anything suitable for lunch for me but in some ways it's probably one of the best options. being a deli and bakery although hey have a set menu they pretty much make sandwiches to order. so i was able to chose my bread/roll and chose my filling and even get it without butter! I learnt what a bagnat is - well i'm not sure i did really, i learnt what they call a Bagnat, which seemed to be a seed/grain topped crusty roll. i simply asked for it with salad, the girl asked me if i wanted butter (most impressed that she asked), i said no and all my anxieties faded!

like i say although they have their set menu of sandwiches, bagettes, ham and pate platters, cheese platters, quiches, tarts and other hot things like cheese and ham on toast or mushrooms on toast, they also have a section on the menu where you can chose your bread/roll (crusty roll, wholemeal Bagnat, wholemeal bagette, white bagette, bagel, or soda bread) and then there are 3 pricing option:
  1. with jam and butter (served in opts on the side so you don't even need to add them!)
  2. with cream cheese and/or salad
  3. with any deli filling (so anything from their deli counter)

items on the deli counter inlude a range of cheeses, meats, salami, pates, olives, roasted red peppers, sundried tomatoes, crab salad, anchovies, shrimps.

so basically the choice is endless.

and then if your feeling really indulgent they have a huge range of pastries and little cakes, however to me they are more works of art than anything else.

service was prompt, attentive and efficient.

my only one complaint with the place - it seems when they redecorated, very nicely too i might add, they seemed to have missed a bit - the toilet! it was in severe need of repair and redecoration!

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