Monday, 8 October 2007

Lunch at The Company Shed

well, i've had a craving for seafood satisfied - for now at least. not sure how long that will last though. i meant to take photos while we were there, but after putting our name on the list, half hour later i had forgotten about all that as my appetite was far more important by that time!
we shared a table with another couple, and later on as we were finishing our meal, a different couple (newbies to the experience we quickly realised). there are 2 things about waiting for a table, one you can work out what you want to order before you sit down and secondly your appetite has increased enough so that by the time you get your order you are able to eat all of the wonders that you get served.
we ordered, between the 3 of us:
  • platter for one (£8.50) which included cockles, a green lip mussel, a crevette, shell on prawns, shell off prawns, smoked mackerel, smoken salmon and half a crab.
  • 6 grilled green lip mussels with a herb and parmesan crust (£3.50)
  • 3 scallops pan fired in butter with crispy bacon (£3.50)
  • a mixed salad bowl (mixed lettuce, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, red onion) (£3.50)
  • a whole cooked crab (£4.50)

i was simply in the mood for crab, so the whole crab was for me! and i enjoyed every last little bit of it. i think i could eat that everyday if i had access to it. but i don't think i can really justify driving to Ongar every day and spending £5 on dinner each day. although dinner tonight cost almost £7 for the main ingredient alone! (squid from an expessive food store).

after lunch we took a walk along the coast to pick some samphire.

when we got back to the pontoon there were lots of people on the end, we thought it was just people crabbing with their kids, but there was a seal very close off the end of the water.

after a quick cuppa and a reheated frozen scone at The Coast Inn it was time to head home.

a thoroughly enjoyable day all round.

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