Monday, 15 October 2007

a tiring but satisfying weekend

you know that feeling where you feel shattered but it doesn't make you grumpy?

we had such a busy weekend.


  1. took recycling to tescos (21 green clubcard points) while mum got petrol
  2. took extra DIY/Bathroom bits back to B&Q and wickes for refunds
  3. went to North Wield Market in the morning. only went for potatoes, mushrooms and fennel. didn't find the fennel but came home with:
  • a sack of potatoes
  • 3 giant flat mushroom and some closecup mushrooms
  • 5 kaki -although only 3 made it home..... i got the munchies...
  • 2 cauliflower
  • loads of AA batteries
  • comfort fabric conditioner
  • 2 tubes of toothpaste
  • 2 3-pack boxes of lucozade pouches
  • 2 tubes of gherkin relish

why is it we can never simply buy what go looking for?

never mind, still didn't get the fennel though.... mum's going to look in epping market today for me.


yesterday we painted/varnished/treated the garden furniture and had a good tidy up in the garden. we brought in the rest of the cherry tomatoes and the tomatoes in the "greenhouse" to ripen indoors. we sorted out the pots on the patio, putting the less hardy plants into the greenhouse and i decided to plant out the lettuces, may as well give them a go. the other ones i planted out are thriving (more about them later). got rid of the courgette plant. its just been too damp recently and any veg thats formed has just gone mushy, sadly.

i'm sure we did more than that, but actually it was lots of little things, where one job lead to another.

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