Thursday, 4 October 2007

Would a Singles Night be so bad?

i was watching the Restaurant tonight on BBC2 and the challenge was for them to host a singles night. one couple did a fun filled jungle evening, with a love shack and silly games and the other did a romantic more sedate evening.

i'm not sure which i would have prefered. i don't think i'd have the confidence for the games and love shack of the jungle evening but then the romantic evening looked a bit boring. the entertainment there for the night was a raffle!

made me think it would be a way to possible meet people. something to look into maybe. but then it would probably involve going to a pub. my problem is the type of people i look for and the things i look for in them. i'm just one big snob really!

so what am i looking for? well, i want someone older than me for starters. but then how much do i tell them about my past. that big black hole that i seem to fall back into. that huge invisible suitcase of baggage that i carry with me. that drags me down. goodness knows huge much it would cost me in excess baggage if i was flying with Ryan air. it would never fit within their 15kg weight limit...

i don't care about colour, creed, race, size etc. i think thats one good thing about my personality - my ability to accept others whatever their race, nationality etc.

my dream guy though would be scottish, with a thick scottish accent. he'd be a farmer or a fisherman, we'd live in a little croft on the coast. we'd have access to the sea and have a couple of our own lobster and crab pots. i'd have a huge veggie garden and grow all types of produce. we'd have chickens, who would lay us eggs.

but thats all it is - a dream.

back to reality and i've been thinking about mum and david's anniversary. it's their 3rd. the traditional gift its leather, the modern is crystal, the flower is fuschia and the colours are white and jade green. they're going away for 3 days from the 29th and i know i told mum i'd be ok but i'm starting to worry and panic. i don't know what i'm going to do for those 3 days. i was thinking maybe i should go away myself. then at least i wouldn't be stuck at home and driving myself mad. i haven't found anywhere that i really want to go as yet. becasue it is mid week there aren't any festivals etc so i guess it needs to be somewhere with somewhere to visit. i just can't think of anywhere though.

i'm going to make up a picnic basket for them to take on their journey down to dorset for lunch and then also have some flowers send to the hotel room. it works within my budget that way.

the question still remains though - what the hell am i going to do??!!

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