Sunday, 7 October 2007

Blogging Live from a Hatfield Heath Sofa!!

finally up and running!! i am typing this live from the sofa, all wireless! when David handed me my laptop last night and told me it was sorted i actually hugged him!! i was contemplating kissing him, but could pluck up the courage for that one.

i managed to control myself last night and still turned my light off at 11pm and i even still had battery power left! but there's a warning triangle showing now which means less than 25% left. but I've set up a power plan for when I'm using the Internet so that the screen brightness is down on the lowest setting.

hopefully this morning David will finally finish the last bit for the downstairs bathroom. it's looking great....

Downstairs bathroom finished

apparently there one bit of kick board left to finish and the it's completely done -well i still think it need something on the end wall - a photo or something.

Downstairs bathroom finished

anyway once that's done, we're off to The Company Shed in Mersea for lunch. Yummy!! i fancy razor clams (even if they were done in butter, i can try and let most of that drip off...) and crab. i like their seafood platters but I'm not that keen on the smoked mackerel and smoked salmon, or the prawns for that matter.... guess I'll see what there can do separately when we get there. i wouldn't mind a crab just to myself,

well maybe i should have half as is lunch time. next question - do i take bread or a pitta bread?

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