Tuesday, 2 October 2007

The Start of Another Chapter

Ok, so I have my new laptop. no internet yet so this blog will be started off line and then copied into this new blog that I am going to try and keep up with later on. That’s once I’ve decided on which blog site to go with. One with simple templates and easy to use is what I’m looking for. There are so many to choose from these days though.

I was starting to have regrets about getting this laptop. I think it was doubts put in my mind by mum. She kept asking me why I needed one. I know it was more because she doesn't understand the want for one as it’s not something she feels she needs herself. But she made me feel like I didn't really need to spend all that money on one. But sitting here lying in bed, being able to type out my thoughts a lot quicker than writing in my paper and pen diary makes me realise why I wanted one. And even though I can't connect to the web yet and do this direct to a blog it’s still a lot easier.

We had a really strange phone call tonight. The phone rang 3 times within the space of about 10 minutes. I was downstairs and mum had picked it up upstairs as they were on the computer. Turns out it was some guy called Paul who said he was from Jamaica. Mum said he certainly sounded like he was from there and the phone line sounded like he was called from the other side of the world too. Anyway he firstly said a friend had given him a phone with David's number on it. Not only did he know David’s surname, he knew his Christian name too when mum asked who gave him the phone he said "you'd be surprised” it was seriously weird and doing 1471, it just said the number wasn't available which it what it normally says for an international number. The closest we know to anyone in that side of the world is David's boss who is on holiday in Florida at the moment. But David said that Tracey said she wasn't taking her phone with her as it didn't work in the USA. Very very creepy.......

It’s one of those situations that you really wish you knew the answers too but know you probably never will.

Ok, now I really I wish I had the net now, I’m so bored. All I can do it transfer my photos. I’m typing this in WordPad because I don't even have office installed yet.

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