Wednesday, 19 December 2007

75 Questions Swap

I typed my questions long before the sign up deadline and partners were assigned, but after printing them out to send to my partners today i thought i'd add my own questions to my blog.

1. How did your parents' chose your name? It was name they both agreed on that could be shortened to an equally nice name - Jennifer to Jenny or Jen
2. What’s the first thing you do in the morning? Turn on my laptop
3. What’s the last thing you do at night? turn off my light/TV/Laptop depending which i have on.
4. What couldn’t you live without? My mum, she mean the world to me.
5. What animals/wildlife visit your garden? Lots of birds (blackbirds, bluetits, sparrows, great tits, long tailed tits, coal tits, starlings, sparrow hawk, wood pigeon, collared doves - i could go on forever!) squirrels, rats (well there used to be......) we even had a field mouse once, we used to have hedgehogs but i haven't seen any evidence of them recently.
6. What’s the time right now? 16:07
7. Which room of the house are you in? The lounge/dinning room
8. Describe what you can hear at the moment? The TV
9. What’s the temperature outside at the moment? according to the latest online guide 4 Degrees C
10. What are you having for dinner tonight? flat mushroom topped with parsnip and beetroot, corn on the cob and red cabbage.
11. Have you researched you family history at all? i've started on mum's side of the family and got back to the mid 1800's.
12. Do you drive a car? yes, i passed 2 years ago - so my details with be on those records that the government lost in the USA!!
13. How many people live in your town/village? 1810 people in 2001 so probably about 1900 to 2000 now.
14. Do you get on with your neighbours? we have lovely neighbours on both sides of us.
15. Have you ever written a love letter? no i don't think so, certainly not in my adult life so far.
16. Do you have any tattoos? yes, 2 butterflies both on my back
17. How big is the biggest television in your house? 32 inch widescreen quite old, not flat screen or plasma tho....
18. How many computers do you have in your house? hmmm perhaps i should publish this on my blog, although if anyone were to try and burgal us they'd have to get past me first as i'm always home!!
19. What’s your favourite shop? i don't think i reallt have one - anywhere i can find a bargin i guess.
20. Who do you live with? my mum and step-dad
21. If you could live anywhere in the world where would that be? in an ideal world on the coast of a remote part of scotland with enough land for keeping chickens and growing veg, with access to the sea for crab fishing!
22. Who would be you 5 fantasy dinner party guests and why? Judi Dench - because she is my favourite actress. Richard Hammond - just because you need some eyecandy somewhere!! Gordon Ramsay - because he's some i admire for his hard work (and he's more eyecandy!). My Auntie Susan - because i never got to meet her and My Uncle David for the same reason.
23. What’s the biggest competition you’ve ever won? (including things like the lottery) when i was about 7 i won a competition in a pony magazine, i had to draw what i wanted for christmas, so i drew a horse (not exactly brain science for a competition for a pony magazine!) and won a set of books. last year i won £20 worth of Yo Sushi! vouchers for completing feedback on their restaurants.
24. Have you ever been ill either on or after a fair ground ride? yes, i was about 15 and it was a grown up faster version of the cups and saucers ride. i was violently ill but i did manage to make it to a tree on the edge of the field out of sight!!
25. If you could give someone special a treat or present to say thank you (no money limit) what would you do and who for and why? i asked this question because i am searching for ideas! so i don't have an answer to that one!
26. Which is the most untidy room in your house? my bedroom by far - the rest of the house is almost spotless, the only other place there is clutter is on the dinning room table but thats mainly my crap/art!
27. Have you ever been critically ill? yes but not a happy story to tell and something i have moved on from and want to leave behind.
28. If you have ever been on TV, what programme was it? (even if you were just in the audience) i was on channel 5's The Wright Stuff in February 2006, in the audience of Ready Steady Cook (BBC2) with Nan in January 2007 and on BBc1's The One Show just a couple of weeks ago.
29. Have you got any family heirlooms or antiques? in one short word - No!
30. What’s your favourite item of clothing you own and why do you like it? my shawl i bought in Scotland, its huge and i can wrap myself up in it o keep warm.
31. When did you last throw out something from your wardrobe and what was it? it was a pink polar/turtle neck which had different colour pinks and black stripes on the front - but it really irritated my neck so i decided it had to go to the charity shop with other stuff i was getting rid of.
32. What’s the most expensive restaurant you’ve ever been to? probably The Grill at Down Hall Hotel in the edge of the village. nice for a treat (and when you have a 25% discount voucher!!) but not our scene really, too fancy.
33. Have you ever written and sent a fan mail letter to a celebrity? yes, quite a few. i received hand signed letters and postcards from Judi Dench, Dawn French and Cathy Shipton (duffy in Casualty)
34. Do you keep all your swap letters and mail? yes, i have a huge folder and don't know what to do as the folder is full!
35. How many channels can you get in your TV? in my room just the 5, but down stairs we have freeview, so its something like 40.
36. Which website do you visit the most? probably hotmail for my emails
37. How many places have you lived in? just the 2. here and in sussex.
38. Is there something you do the same each day? (e.g., what you eat, order you do things in) i eat the same breakfast at about the same time. i have an earl grey tea after eating my lunch. and i have a hot chocolate before i go to bed.
39. Do you share your bed with anyone/anything? i have a double bed, half of which i sleep in with a teddy and the other half is what i like to call "work in progress" basically bits of paper and stuff that i've picked up or need to use currently.
40. What’s your swap bot feedback rating? 5.0
41. Have you ever had to give a low rating? after several emails and PM's and still no response i sadly have to give my first 1 the other day.
42. How many hours sleep do you get a night? on average i think about 8
43. What’s the most adventurous thing you’ve ever eaten? tripe - and i won't be doing it again.
44. What were you hoping for, for Christmas this year? (Did you get it?) there's nothing i really want or need.
45. Have you ever broken a bone, if so how? nope, never broken one.
46. Do you pay attention to/ believe the weather forecast? sometimes, depends how bother i am about what the whether might be like.
47. When you think about the area you live in, what is the most famous thing that people might know about? probably Stansted Airport.
48. Do you like your job? N/A
49. Do you have any toys from your childhood still? yes, they are in a box in the loft. mum kept them for when/if i ever have children.
50. If you could teach your children (even if you don’t have any yet) one thing what would it be? accept other people for who they are and what they believe.
51. What’s your worst habit? biting the skin around my finger nails
52. How far away is your nearest post office? 10 minute walk into the village
53. Which trait do you think is most important for a person’s personality? loyalty
54. What makes you really really angry? people who are racist, homophobic and don't accept other people's views and opinions
55. What makes you proud? my mum and step dad for sticking together over the last few years despite all our troubles
56. I was watching a documentary about the Queen last night (the person not the film!) and it was showing her latest tour of the USA. Some of the pronunciation and language used by the Americans made me giggle where it is different to things in Britain. What language differences make you giggle? Tomato is the one that comes to my mind right now.
57. What do you hope the New Year will bring? thats to far ahead for me to think about right now.
58. Will you make any New Year’s Resolutions? (And keep them?) no, because i know they won't last
59. Have you ever broken the law? (whether you have been caught or not) i think the only think i've done is have the odd drag of a spliff at a party.
60. If you could change one thing about the way you look what would it be? i would love to be slightly taller
61. If you could live forever would you want to? only if i could have my family with me too
62. If you could choose one person to live forever with you who would it be? my mum
63. What’s the one thing you regret buying because you never or hardly ever use it? probably my ipod
64. Who do you miss and wish you could see more of? my nan, we speak on the phone but i wish we lived closer.
65. What colour is your bedroom? lilac
66. What’s your favourite room in your house? i don't think i really have one. i like the lounge/dinning room because it's the largest i guess.
67. Have you ever been on a diet? hmmm best i don't answer that one!
68. How many Christmas lights have you put up this year? None!! i created eco-friendly candle lanterns for outside and we haven't got a christmas tree up yet, but mum might change that with a week to go.
69. What’s the most expensive Christmas present you bought this year and who’s it for? shhhh i can't say that just incase they read my blog!! (well you never know!)
70. If you could have one superpower what would it be? the power to fly like superman, so i could visit friends and family across the world
71. What’s your favourite gadget that you own? does my laptop count as a gadget?
72. If you could trace your family tree back who would you like to be related to? (no boundaries) either someone clever or who did something good for the world, like Einstein or Mother Teresa
73. What’s the scariest thing you have ever done or that has ever happened to you? probably my car accident, although i don't remember too much about it.
74. If you became prime minister or president of your country what would be the first law you would change or introduce? No more plastic bags!!!
75. Finally, are you fed up with answering questions yet??!! typing them yes, i just hope its easier by hand when my partners questions arrive!!

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