Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Funny Ransom Note Swap

this has to be my favourite swap so far i think, but a lot of that is down to the wit and humor of my partners too. This was the description for the swap:

It's simple, view your partners profile and write them a funny ransom note (that would suit them) using magazine letter cut outs.

so this was is what i sent to one partner, CraftyDez, whose main hobby/craft is fimo or polymer clay as they call it in the USA:

My other partner to send to, NonVenomous, collects giants microbes:

from susiqz i received this:

however i am pleased to report that i paid the ransom and Ragedy Ann is now safe and sound.

And from halfwaythere:

this one really made laugh. when i opened it and read the note i thought it was nice that she had based it around the fact i was from the UK (she's in the USA) but then i looked at the photo.....i initially read the note to mean that "the queen gets it!" as in harm the queen, but then i looked at the photo and saw that she meant that the queen gets my glue stick! i haven't laughed that much in ages - a very clever ransom note!

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Cherry Cola said...

Hahahaha! The queen gets it!! That's so funny!