Sunday, 16 December 2007

Private swap from Christina

i received a large jiffy bag from the postman the other day. as usual i had completely orgotten about any swaps and packages that i should be expecting.

but then i had another problem, when i tried to see who it was from, on the outside i couldn't!!
so i opened it up to find lots and lots of tea and crystal light from Christina in America.
i had seen eggnog tea advertised on the web some time ago and had mentioned this in my swap-bot profile. Christina happened to glance at my profile and saw this and contacted me.
so i got her address too and in return sent her a sheet of stickers of characters that she mentioned she like in her profile. but then when the tea arrived i was amazed. i was expecting a few bags of each but no..................
20 tea bags, 20 sachets of crystal light honey and lemon, 2 handmade cat coasters and a little letter in a very pretty card.
so i shall be sending another something, a little larger this time in return for this wonderful package.

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