Friday, 7 December 2007

The Sticker Works!!

So the answer to the question of the sticker on our letter box was finally answered yesterday. i was sitting on the sofa eatin lunch when i spotted someone walking down the front path. i carried on watching as i wasn't expecting anyone. the man got half way down the path looked up at the front door, then turned around and walked back up the path!

i was slightly confused at first, but the i noticed the bundle of things in his hands and the rucksack on his back. they looked like those supposed charity clothes collections - the ones that they normally sell for profit and give a tiny bit to charity.

maybe the Indian woman wasn't just being rude after all, maybe she didn't understand what the sticker said?

Our council is acually quite helpful when it comes to stopping junk mail, but i'd like to knows the law/rules on ignoring the sticker if there are any.

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