Tuesday, 18 December 2007

bottle top/cap photos

here are the rest of the bottle cap photos, now that my camera has a fully charged battery. although the magnetic strip hasn't arrived yet so i still can't finish them!

this is for a swap partner who likes earthy reds and browns:
then i made one each for me, mum and david which i will turn into magnetic bull dog clips for the fridge. i have the mini bulldog clips and some bostik glue so i will to that in a second and then when the magnetic strip arrives i will stick that to the other side of the bull dog clip.

this is for a friend, and i plan to turn these into one long magnet:

i managed to get the plastic seal off of some of them today by placing them on our electric cooker home and then using tweezers and the craft knife to get it off. it made it easier but it still didn't leave a perfectly clean finish. i'm going to give some pictures a go in a few of them tonight. i had another couple of swap partners assigned today, so i am just about to look at their profiles to get some ideas. its a match box swap so the match box will be designed around their profiles too.

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