Saturday, 15 December 2007

I shouldn't be awake this early!!

ok so it's not actually that early at 8.20am but when you only got home at 2.10am - it is!! but my body just doesn't seem to want to sleep past 8am these days, no matter what day of the week.

so, yes i did babysit last night, a few crocodile tears as the mum was leaving, but the mum, H, was running late, so when H went downstairs i decided i would too - after all the children had seen me and knew i was there so if they woke up it wouldn't be a shock. H had said the girl, L, (who turned 3 in september) could call on her mobile and say happy birthday to the the person she was going to see, but explained that L would have to wait a bit until she had got there.

H then quietly said to me that if L insisted to make the to let her do so. so about 10 minutes after H left i heard footsteps on the baby monitor and by the time i had walked the corridors of this large house i was about to meet L at the top of the stairs. she asked to make the call but i explained that H wouldn't be there yet and that i would let her know when the time was right to make the call. suprisingly easily L got back into bed, well compared to other nights it was a piece of cake. i went back downstairs and thought i'd leave it and if she got up again insisting to call H then i would get the number and to it. but you know what - i didn't hear another peep - well not an awake peep, she was coughing in her sleep but when i went upstairs to check the coughing (i thought i was T i could hear on the monitor at first) it didn't seem to be waking her, so i left her to sleep and by 1 am was almost asleep myself.

at about 1.30am the phone rang and it was H and her husband E. E said they would be about 15 minutes, so a quick stroll around the house to keep me awake, as it is quite spooky in the front part of the house which dates back 400 years and also quite cold despite the heating. i had finished my christmas cards, read the radio times, attempted the cross word and there was little on TV to keep my mind awake. but they did arrive home just after 1.45am, we had a quick chat and i came home with £70 in my pocket.

some of that money was for last night, so in total that £80 for 10 hours work (3 thursday night and 7 last night) i'm sure H said she was going to pay me £7 an hour but then as it was extra late last night i think i deserved it!! still not sure whether the money justifies how it makes me feel - stressed with a sceaming child and shattered the next day. but H didn't have any more dates for the moment to i can relax for a week or so i think....... i think that last statement actually shows how i feel doesn't it..........oh dear.......but my inability to say "no" just seems to kick in. i think i need to learn how too again, i always had that problem at school.

well after 6 hours sleep i am going to be such a grouch today, i bet! maybe if i start to doze during the day i might let myself have a nap. but this morning there's a farmer's market i want to go to. it's a fairly new one and not one i've been to before, so i'd like to have a look. it starts at 10am so an hour at least yet before i need to get going.

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