Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Baking Practice 1/4 - Cherry Cake

I picked up the schedule for the Countess of Warwick show last week, with plans to enter the vegetable showing classes (providing i have something worth showing by the bank holiday weekend!) but whilst looking through i discovered the baking classes, craft categories and some photographic categories as well.

With it being D's birthday this weekend, he normally takes strawberries and raspberries in from the PYO, but with it being a busy and long weekend, there wasn't time to get them and if i had picked them friday they wouldn't have survived until monday. It seems that we may have struggled to get some if we had tried anyway, as mum went to get a few for us Saturday night and a few is literally all she got! So i offered to bake instead - a perfect opportunity for a practise run! And i'm certainly glad i did!
So there are 4 recipes, starting with the cherry cake.

Doesn't look too bad does it? A bit "well done" round the edges, however i think that is more about me knowing my oven. I set the temperature to the normal oven setting rather than the temperature for a fan oven.

Which is why from this angle you can see how much it has erupted like a volcano!! Which of course then meant the topping of demerera sugar cracked into pieces.

From the outside i could still see cherries near the top however on slicing it seems that the majority had sunk to the bottom. Mum said from her experience the trick was to lightly dust the glace cherries before adding them to the mix.

With 3 other baking classes i may decide not to enter this one, especially as the other 3 recipes were more successful. Although i did manage to do all 4 in about 6 hours, and that includes all the washing up after each one too!

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