Thursday, 24 July 2008

Too Big but then also Too Small!

I'd purposely left a cougette on the plant, as it was already a big large to slice into rounds to have as a side veg. so i thought i'd let it get a little larger in order that i could stuff it for dinner.

however when i picked it i found it was a little too large..... (it's a teaspoon next to it)

it was the perfect width but just a little (ok - a lot) to long. So i ended up having half of it, mum used another quarter for her ratatouille and the remainder is still in the fridge! although it had better get used pronto as the next courgette is ready for picking or that will end up a marrow too!

I also decided to thin out my first sowing of beetroot yesterday. i decided that although i dislike pulling beetroot before they get to a decent size, if i wanted anything decent for the show in a months time then i needed to give them the best chance possible.
Again from the teaspoon you can see what babies these really are, but the leaves will do for a nice salad too.

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