Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Baking Summary

Well none of the cakes came home again! which is a good sign. D made a comments form too where suprisingly the cherry cake faired very well. The worst comments were that it was "a bit dense" and one person comment how the "cherries were at the bottom".

There seemed to be few comments on the cookies - it seems they disappeared quickly, and too fast to taste and make a comment!

The Almond Bakewell was well liked and only one person commented on the pasty "a 'bit' undercooked??" so even they were unsure as to whether it was undercooked or not. Someone else said the jam was "a bit non-descript" whereas another person said the "apricot jam a nice suprise and change from raspberry". Sadly one person who, like many seemed to be trying a piece of each, said there was "none left" by the time she got there and the most helpful comment i think for the bakewell tart was "Yum Yum Piggy Bum".

The Honey and Banana Teabread, the thing that kept coming up was that the honey was too strong, overpowering and left an aftertaste of nothing but honey - and i didn't put in all the recipe wanted!! but it was commented that it was nice and "moist".

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